Certified Anger Resolution Therapist

Certified May 2008

Anger is a normal emotion that everyone feels at some point in their lives. It’s neither good nor bad–it’s just an emotion. Anger can escalate out of control and damage relationships and we need to learn how to respond to these angry feelings. Are you tired of anger controlling you? Are you tired of being controlled by your emotions? Worse yet, has your inability to cope or respond to anger and/or rage cost you more than you’re willing to pay? Let me help you learn to control your emotions in a healthy way rather than allowing your emotions to control you. No one “just has a bad temper”. I would like to help you understand the ‘red flags’ and the underlying emotions (ie hurt, shame, guilt, etc) that contribute to having a “bad temper”. That is the excuse used by those who either don’t want to or don’t know how to manage their emotions. Schedule an appointment and let me help you understand and free yourself from angry, damaging outbursts.